Welcome in my world;  the Klaus Neuner Photography

Ideas, Projects in the creative Multimedia/Photography sector to achieve my target goal.

I am always in Europe on the road again to look for new ideas, locations and productions.

To obtain your interests - and in cooperation with international Journalist we produce:

 Text & Images, Reports, Home Stories, Portraits, Impressions.

Here are my Portfolio, some more Impressions from my Photo productions.

Klaus Neuner ?

A Photographer and loving Photography, Photo Artist, Globetrotter, Europeans. May not specialize in only one Photography department,

always looking for new Challenges and Projects.

Photography is Teamwork

On my side is a contact with an young, creative, international Freelance Team which want to realize new ideas, projects in the  area of Multimedia.. Networking and communication is very important. From development to production - all in one hand. If more than one international staff involved in a project, you generally have only one - Klaus Neuner as contact.

Klaus Neuner are present for you in:


I am here for YOU - i do my best for YOU.....